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about the company

Bang Bag Sp operates in the field of printing, production, distribution and import of clothing and promotional gadgets. The dynamic development both in Poland and in most European Union markets makes the Bang Bag brand one of the strongest in Poland. The company started its activity in 1997, specializing mainly in advertising printing. Over the years, the activity has been extended to direct distribution and production of clothing and gadgets, while providing creative solutions in the field of application design on textiles. Starting from 2007, the company has expanded into European markets. Initially, it was mainly the German market, currently we also work with clients from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. We also have many years of experience in the import of goods from Asian countries, which in the case of the implementation of many mass production is a valuable resource.

mission of the company

The goal of Bang Bag is to become the European leader in the production of advertising bags. In our opinion, the path to the goal is equally connected with professional customer service, providing the highest quality products and with deep respect for the company’s main values, which include:


We believe that it is possible to create a work environment that naturally activates genuine pleasure from the undertaken  duties. The basis of such company functioning is to create an organizational culture, aimed at building authentic relationships both between employees and clients. We strongly believe that values such as friendship, mutual support, honesty and meta-communication are the basis for the development of our organization.


We approach our work with the highest commitment we are ready for. We treat each project professionally, using all available resources, both personal and corporate. We are also aware that people make mistakes and give them full rights, which means that we take full responsibility for our successes and failures.


In our opinion, the only unchanging property of the surrounding world is change. We are aware that it is possible to maintain the status quo in and outside of business, which is why we are constantly striving to improve business processes in our company, trying to fully open you to feedback from both our partners and competitors.

Bang Bag – It’s a philosophy that if we spend most of our life at work, there is nothing else we can do to direct our lives in a way that feels good with ourselves and with others. The existence of the organization guarantees professionalism, efficiency, cost analysis and delivery of the best technological solutions, while joy, honesty, mutual sympathy and respect for human uniqueness causes that we are an organization that we genuinely want to develop.

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